4 Fun Morning Activities To Enhance A Child's Preschool Experience

Going to preschool at a place like Wooden Shoe Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten is a rich and rewarding experience for children. Parents can help enhance their child's educational journey by spending time with them in the morning before preschool. Try these morning activities to spend quality time with your child while helping prepare them for the adventures that lie ahead each day in preschool.

Morning Activity: Read an Educational Book

There is something to be said for bedtime stories, but children can get a lot of out of being read to any time of day. When you read to your child in the morning, they may be even more alert and get more out of the story you're reading. Some fun, educational, and age-appropriate books for preschoolers include Now I Eat My ABCs, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Frog and Toad Are Friends.

Morning Activity: Take a Short Walk

Although you may not have a lot of time in the morning for a long nature romp, you can still take a short walk with your preschooler. An invigorating walk can even help you and your little one wake up and feel ready for the day. You may take your child's hand and use the time to have short, engaging conversations with them. Try to ask open-ended questions to help your preschool-aged child start to expand their social and conversational skills.

Morning Activity: Teach and Play with Flash Cards

Flash cards can be a great tool to use when you're helping to enhance lessons they are learning in preschool about colors, shapes, letters, or other topic. You can buy premade educational flash cards in stores, or you may opt to make some that you customize to match exactly what your child needs to study. Using flash cards in the morning can help a child get focused on learning.

Morning Activity: Set a Goal for the Day

Talk to your child about setting goals. Talk about your goals and set a goal for that day. Your goal can involve something simple like the desire to smile more often. You may even talk to your child about why you chose hat goal. This morning activity can even become a daily tradition as you and your child set a simple daily goal each day.

Finally, keep in mind that you help set the tone for your child's day. You can encourage them with empowering words and affection. When you spend time with your little one in the morning before their day at preschool, you can help them get more out of the entire day.