The Benefits Of Classroom Observation

Many schools have begun classroom observation programs. These programs are designed to help educators grow and the school to ensure teachers are teaching in an appropriate method. If you are having a principal, teacher, or outside individual observe your classroom, you may find yourself wondering what the benefit to this type of program is. Here are a few benefits of classroom observation.

Identifies Areas Where Teachers Can Grow

One of the biggest benefits to classroom observation is instructor growth. When someone observes you teaching, they can identify areas in which you can grow. You may not realize that you are weak at teaching one subject or at one teaching method. An instructor can identify both your strengths and your weaknesses, identifying areas in which you can improve upon and grow. This is a huge benefit as most people do not realize this one their own, and as such, don't grow.

Provides a Fresh Set of Eyes on Your Students

Another major benefit to classroom observation is that you get a fresh set of eyes looking at your students. As a teacher, it is your job to read your students. You have to identify how they learn the best and identify any learning or behavioral issues. But with classroom sizes of 20 to 30 students, you may misread some kids. As such, you may not be teaching them in an effective manner or may have missed learning issues they have. When someone observes your classroom, you get a fresh set of eyes watching your students, and they may catch things you missed. This can help you reassess how each student is taught and how to address individual problems with the students in your classroom.

Allows Schools to Determine Your Teaching Quality

The last benefit of classroom observation is that it allows schools to determine the quality of teaching they have at their schools. Since teachers work independently, it can be hard to identify between good teachers and teachers that are not so great. And while many schools rely on standardized testing to ensure a teacher is teaching what they should, this is not always an accurate assessment of the quality of a teacher. Classroom observations allow someone to observe the teacher in their daily setting and evaluate what and how they are teaching and how well they are doing their job.

As a teacher, it may make you nervous to have someone watch over you as you teach. However, there are many benefits to this. Learning the benefits can help you understand why more schools are doing this and help calm your nerves.