3 Ways To Recruit Immigrants To An ESL School Program

Schools in cities that have large immigrant populations have a great ministry opportunity. Through an ESL school program, schools can reach people who are new to their city -- and they can help the people they reach learn a valuable skill that'll prove useful throughout their life in the United States. Offering an ESL school program involves more than just choosing a curriculum, reserving rooms in a school building and recruiting volunteers, though. If you want to have a successful ESL school program at your school, you'll need to recruit students. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Post Flyers Where Immigrants Go

While you should be posting information about your ESL school program online, there's still no substitute for physical flyers. Posting flyers in businesses and community areas may seem like an old-fashioned way of marketing a program or event, but it's an effective way to reach immigrant populations. Many immigrants have smartphones, tablets, or computers, but not all do. Posting flyers will ensure you reach as many immigrants as possible, regardless of whether they're online.

When posting flyers for your ESL school program, you'll want to put them up at places where the immigrant population you're trying to reach goes. Some places to consider putting up flyers include the following:

  • social services buildings
  • apartment complexes
  • ethnic restaurants

(Of course, you should get permission before putting a flyer up at any of these places.)

Partner with Religious Groups in the Area

Many religious groups also want to reach immigrant populations, and some of the religious organizations in your city may already have a relationship with the people you're trying to reach. If there's a church, mosque, temple, synagogue or other place of worship where your target population already attends, contact the place of worship and tell them about your ESL program. They'll likely offer to tell the immigrants involved in their organization about your program.

Attend Sporting Events

Sports are a large part of many cultures, and sporting events are a great place to meet people. If the immigrants you're trying to reach follow a specific sport, look for matches, games or events in your city. Many cities that have large immigrant populations have clubs, teams and events for the sports that those immigrants like to watch and play. Go to them, and you'll have plenty of opportunities to meet people, get to know them and tell them about your ESL program. For more ideas, talk to a professional like http://www.ict.edu/.